Paya Lebar Town Close to Sixteen 35 Residences

The plan by the government of Singapore to relocate the Paya Lebar Air Base has elicited mixed reactions. This project intends to free up to 800ha of land for redevelopment. The authorities also plan to relax the navigation safety rules that limit the height of buildings near the air base. This decision will see the proliferation of high-rise buildings in the area thereby creating a boom in the real estate industry. The 203 plan will also lead to the improvement of infrastructure and delivery of social services. Currently, there are few low-height buildings in the areas neighboring the airport, thereby inhibiting the growth of high rise buildings. According to the authorities, the area set aside for the relocation is bigger than Ang Mo Kio and Bishan.

Paya Lebar Town near to Sixteen35 Residences

According to the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the allocated land will accommodate new homes, offices, factories, living environments parks, and communities. The grand plan will change the appearance of the town and increase service delivery. While many people view this as a great plan for the real estate industry, experts argue that the project might not result in a boom in property prices as expected. 16 35 Residences is close to Paya Lebar Town where Paya Lebar MRT Station. It is in the government master plan to develop Paya Lebar. Also Sixteen 35 Residences by Macly Group is located at Paya Lebar Town.

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Paya Lebar Town Close to Macly Group Condo

The expansion of the Tonga Air Base will create more space at Paya Lebar and create room for development in the future. According to real estate gurus, what shall determine whether the project leads in a boom is the timing and the market condition at the time of implementing the project. Economic factors such as recession might result in fewer people investing in the property thereby leading to a drop in prices. Additionally, building residential houses on the land might cause an oversupply of homes thus affecting the real estate prices. The possibility of increased rates will happen at a moderate pace. Macly Group Sixteen35 Residences is close to Paya Lebar Town

16 35 Residences Singapore Condo

Those in support of the project lauded the government’s decision to free Paya Lebar Air Base because it will relax the height restrictions. The project will lead to the development of a high-density neighborhood. The flats will be redeveloped to accommodate many people in the area. However, it’s not possible to predict the final appearance of the Paya Lebar landscape given that other towns such as Jurong West lack necessary infrastructure and facilities. It will take the authorities money and time to develop basic utilities including the sewage, telecommunication, roads, and gas in the area. This plan is a tall order for a government given the minimum capacity of the core utilities in the area.

Despite all signs of great things to come, real estate professionals warn that over-excitement will cause over expectation which might cause frustration in the long run. The boom in the housing sector depends on several factors that are worth considering before casting aspersions. However, this is great news for the house developers and residents of Paya Lebar.

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